How do I choose which professional to book?

When you make your appointment, you must indicate your main discomfort/pathology/objective and our receptionist will be able to refer you to the most qualified and specialized physiotherapist for your case.

Do you have parking?

We offer 1 hour of parking, when booking. Ask us how.

How long are the appointment/classes?

Individual appointments last 45 minutes.

MAT Group classes have a maximum number of 7 students per class and last 45 minutes.

REFORMER Group classes have a maximum number of 3 students per class and last 45 minutes.

Do you have agreements with the NHS or insurance?

We do not have a direct agreement with any subsystem, but it is possible to request reimbursement depending on the type of health insurance/subsystem you have contracted, for example in the case of ADSE it is close to 50%.

How can I book/book a appointment?

You can do this by phone, by message, WhatsApp, directly on our website and even on Instagram. Simpler is impossible!

What to bring to the first appointment?

In the first session, if it is medically recommended, you must bring all the exams you have, as well as the indicated clinical information. If you choose to have a physiotherapy session, you do not need to bring anything. Our Physiotherapists are qualified to assess your discomfort.

Do you have packs/monthly plan?

We have packs for individual appointment. The 5 appointments pack costs €200, with each appointment costing €40 (instead of the usual €48). There are no monthly plans for individual appointments, only for group classes.

How does the pack work?

Our packs can be used for physiotherapy sessions, osteopathy, individual pilates, lymphatic drainage sessions and massages. The only exclusions to the pack are the Pediatric Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine sessions. They are valid for 1 year.

Do I have any fee if I cancel the appointment?

After a few years of operation at moveOn Fisio and due to the fact that it has become almost “like a habit”, we have chosen to apply a cancellation fee for same day cancellations. The reason for this decision was to make our patients aware of the need to occupy a time slot that is lost, so that we can attend to urgent cases, avoid waiting lists and improve the speed of our services. This fee is €15.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we do and we can handle everything by email or at our facilities. The value and/or service is personalized, depending on what you want to offer.

Can I bring my baby to the appointment?

You are more than welcome! During the appointment and so that you can fully benefit from your treatment, we have our receptionists who will take care of your Baby.

What is the difference between clinical and regular Pilates?

Clinical Pilates appears as a variant of Pilates, aimed at cases in which there is some pathology or movement dysfunction. Therefore, it can be practiced by all types of people with or without clinical and/or physical conditions, including some stages of pain and spinal pathology.

What material/equipment do they use in group classes?

In MAT Clinical Pilates group classes, we use a variety of materials, including: elastic bands, magic circles, weights, pilates balls, discs, yoga blocks, rollers. The materials allow you to diversify classes and increase resistance and difficulty.

Can I try a group class?

It is not possible to take trial classes, as before joining the group class you always have to take an individual class to assess whether you are able to attend the class and what your limitations are so we can adapt the exercises to you.

Do you have fee in group classes/sign up?

When signing up a Clinical Pilates group classes, no fees are required. The only obligation before starting group classes is to do an evaluation and teaching session of the technique, which costs €48 and lasts 45 minutes.

What are the rules for group classes?

The spot in the class is personal and non-transferable. The monthly fee must be paid in the first week of the month and the spot will only be reserved if paid on time.

The monthly fee is fixed, regardless of the days that make up the month, holidays, your attendance or absence (for whatever reason) and your holidays.

The day, time and number of weekly classes (1 or 2 times a week) are initially defined and cannot be changed/compensated for on another day/time.

If you wish to cancel or suspend your monthly fee, you can do so at any time (without being refunded) taking into account that, when you decide to reactivate it, you will have to wait for a new vacancy.

During the month of August there will be no payment of the monthly fee in order to compensate for the days on which the Clinic is closed in that month and any public holidays during the current year.

In December there will only be a payment of half a monthly fee, in order to compensate for the days when the Clinic is closed in December and January.

It is mandatory to use your own towel (using a Clinic towel costs €0.50) and appropriate clothing. Classes are held in socks or barefoot (no shoes allowed).